Sven Buschbeck

Web Technology Expert, Project Manager, Photographer, Explorer.

Sven Buschbeck picture

Hi! I'm Sven, freelance web technology consultant and full-stack dev. I love latest technologies, appreciate rock-solid industry standards, and strongly believe in Open Source.

Twelve years old, I learned Javascript, HTML and CSS to create interactive websites, later on I studied computer science and graphic design and started working in the web technology sector at about the same time. Since 2013, I'm a freelance web developer and consultant. Throughout my career, I've been working with privately held companies, universities, research centers, start-ups, as well as NGOs/NPOs. Also, I'm a passionate photographer, love the outdoors, as well as traveling and immersing into new cultures and idea. I lived in Germany, Italy, Greece, Australia, and Taiwan—home is where my bed is.

I'm always seeking for new collaborations and opportunities, get in touch at I'm happy to support you and to give special rates for NGOs/NPOs.

Project management

Scrum, feasibility analysis, technology selection, and on-time delivery. International and intercultural teamwork experience as well as interdiciplinary collaboration, e.g. graphic design, marketing/sales, science and philosophy.

Technology experience A few technologies I'm particularily experienced in are
  • Latest: CoffeeScript/ES6 (4y), CSS3/Stylus/Less (3y), Python (1y), HTML5/Pug (3y), Meteor/Node.js (4y)
  • Industry standards: PHP/Laravel (3y+), Java/Spring (5y+), Javascript/JQuery (5y+), CSS3/Bootstrap (5y+)
Project examples Here are a few projects I've been working on.
  • Umeedoo, find adventures and adventurers. Umeedoo - created with CoffeeScript, Jade, Less on Meteor
  • Impact, show and share your ideas and projects, find supporters. - hybrid app created with CoffeeScript, Stylus, Pug on Meteor - is currently offline
  • Join Cargo, utilize available space on trucks - PHP on Laravel with Javascript and Bootstrap
  • Local Eyes, local news and events - Javascript, web push notifications
Most of my projects have been internal though - or part of research projects and are thus not available any more.