1 Mar 2009, 3:25pm

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  • Anzeige
  • androids are taking over!

    See­ing those new touch enabled smart­phones with this new Android plat­form, it seems to be a com­plete oper­a­tion sys­tem based on a Linux ker­nel, with real multi-tasking capa­bil­i­ties, an OpenGL library, and an SDK allow­ing to code in Java (as you can see in the video below.) Makes me curi­ous! Google announced to release Android to the pub­lic this sum­mer. I’m really look­ing for­ward to what the peo­ple will do with it, but I will not wait that long to try the SDK which is pro­vided with doc already. :)

    You will find a lot of demon­stra­tion videos out there. I really enjoyed a small detail, done on Android only so far: hav­ing a con­text menu by per­form­ing a long click. That’s some­thing truly use­ful and a nice idea!

    – Edit 2013: Unfor­tu­nately, as we know now, Android does not sport a com­plete linux ker­nel, nor is it really open source and far from free soft­ware. Read this great arti­cle to get the big/real picture.