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  • Recover deleted photos

    Shit hap­pens… but for Linux users, there is a power tool straight from the US Air Force called “fore­most” to help you recover (aka undelete) your pho­tos eas­ily!
    Note: you’ll need sudo rights to install this soft­ware tool.

    But most impor­tantly: do not write any new data to your device (SD card, flash drive or what­ever)! Oth­er­wise, you’ll over­write what is still there and lose your pho­tos forever.

    The steps:
    Remove or unplug the media/drive/card from your comupter.
    Open a ter­mi­nal window.

    Install the recov­ery software.

    sudo apt-get install foremost

    Cre­ate a folder to put the recov­ered pho­tos in. Impor­tant: don’t put this for­ler on the drive where you want to recover pho­tos from! See above…

    mkdir recovered-photos && cd recovered-photos

    Find the device: copy the fol­low­ing com­mand to your ter­mi­nal and press the [Tab] key twice

    foremost -v -t jpg /dev/sd

    It will say some­thing like this

    sda   sda1  sda2  sda3  sda4  sda5  sda6  sdb

    Now, plug in your drive/card/medium and press [Tab] again, twice.
    It should change to some­thing like this

    sda   sda1  sda2  sda3  sda4  sda5  sda6  sdb  sdc  sdc1

    In my case sdc and scd1 showed up. Thus, sdc1 is the par­ti­tion on the device to recover from. Thus, I my case the full com­mand would be (You need to replace sdc1 with what­ever showed up pre­vi­ously on your own terminal!)

    foremost -v -t jpg /dev/sdc1

    … press return and see the magic hap­pen! Your pho­tos will show up in a sub­folder of recovered-photos. :)



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