26 Apr 2010, 9:34pm

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  • Change hotkey of Kubuntu’s Quick Launch Tool KRunner

    First of all: I love those quick launch tools aka key­stroke launch­ers, they are real time savers — every­one should have one!

    [For those with­out a glue what a key­stroke launcher is:] It is THE tool for launch­ing any kind of soft­ware or even open­ing doc­u­ments. Instead of mov­ing your mouse to you appli­ca­tions menu, click it, search the pro­gram, move the mouse there, maybe pick a sub-folder, move mouse again and finally click — unless you acci­den­tally moved a lit­tle but to far and the menu close again, com­pletely. :( But it is easy to put an end to this (as described below). Instead of doing all that click­ing, you hit a spe­cial key com­bi­na­tion, by default [Alt] and [Space], this will make a small input box show up, now, you only enter the first let­ters of the pro­gram — e.g. “f” will do after a few uses to start Fire­fox (the pro­gram learned that you use it a lot). It might save only a few sec­onds each time, but the sum up and, hey, it is very con­ve­nient, too!

    So here is what you need to do:
    Mac OS: It is already built-in — Just hit Alt+Space and type the name of the pro­gram you want to start (or files or what­ever).
    Win­dows: Get/install Launchy and use it as explained above.
    Kubuntu: built-in as well, BUUUT you have to hit Alt+F2 instead.

    And there it is, some­thing that kept annoy­ing me about Kubuntu for quite a bit. I was hop­ing to get used to it but for what rea­son? Alt+F2 is really not handy com­pared to Alt+Space.
    Finally, based on this old forum post and a few adjust­ments to fit nowa­days Kubuntu, all you need to do is this:

    1. Go to “Set­tings” -> “Key­board and mouse”
    2. Select “Global Key­board Shortcuts”
    3. Pick from the select box “KDE com­po­nent” at the top “Run Com­mand Interface”
    4. Now, you can access “Run Com­mand” — Change it to what­ever you like :)


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