Papercite Crashes WordPress

Just updat­ed Word­Press as well as all the plu­g­ins and sud­den­ly my résumé page is blank. And just in case some­one else expe­ri­ences a sim­i­lar issue, I took notes of all the steps to fix the issue below.

Turn­ing off like­ly plu­g­ins revealed that papercite (a plug­in used to ren­der pub­li­ca­tions in the BIB for­mat as HTML) was the rea­son.

To under­stand­ing the prob­lem I turned on error mes­sages to actu­al­ly see what was going on by
edit­ing index.php in wp-content/themes// and added fol­low­ing line to the begin­ning of the file:

<?php ini_set('display_errors',1); error_reporting(E_ALL); ?>

From that I could under­stand that papercite was unable to load a PEAR mod­ule due to the strong restric­tions that my web space provider had set up (which is also why I can not edit the php.ini file direct­ly to turn on error mes­sages).

Solu­tion: Go to Set­tings -> papercite plug­in and change the parser to OSBiB parser (which does not depend on PEAR), et voilà my résumé with pub­li­ca­tions is back! 🙂

Final­ly, let’s remove the PHP line I added in the begin­ning from the index.php file.

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