Papercite Crashes WordPress

Just updated WordPress as well as all the plugins and suddenly my résumé page is blank. And just in case someone else experiences a similar issue, I took notes of all the steps to fix the issue below.

Turning off likely plugins revealed that papercite (a plugin used to render publications in the BIB format as HTML) was the reason.

To understanding the problem I turned on error messages to actually see what was going on by
editing index.php in wp-content/themes// and added following line to the beginning of the file:

<?php ini_set('display_errors',1); error_reporting(E_ALL); ?>

From that I could understand that papercite was unable to load a PEAR module due to the strong restrictions that my web space provider had set up (which is also why I can not edit the php.ini file directly to turn on error messages).

Solution: Go to Settings -> papercite plugin and change the parser to OSBiB parser (which does not depend on PEAR), et voilà my résumé with publications is back! 🙂

Finally, let’s remove the PHP line I added in the beginning from the index.php file.