Missing Digikam Themes w/t KDE

Digikam is a great tool to man­age and work on pho­tos — my per­son­al favorite for some years already. But it’s made for KDE and uses a lot of KDE-relat­ed libs and stuff, there­fore, installing it in Gnome, Xfce, Lxde and the like will cost about 1gb because of the depene­den­cies.
Nev­er­the­less, worth it. But it comes with a bright default skin ren­der­ing it com­plete­ly unus­able for work­ing seri­ous­ly on light and col­or set­tings of pho­tos.

To add themes, you will have to install an extra pack­age (as decribed here) like this:
sudo apt-get install kde-workspace-data
Yes, this will add more data to your disk, but only 10mb this time. 😉

Hap­py pho­to-tweak­ing!

4 Replies to “Missing Digikam Themes w/t KDE

  1. Thank’s for the great tip. Sad­ly when choos­ing a dark the­me (e.g. Obsid­i­an Coast), some back­grounds are still bright but the text is bright too 🙁

    1. True, same prob­lem here — it’s a bit annoy­ing but I’m still a big fan of Digikam, it’s a great tool.
      If I remem­ber right there should be a tool (set­tings pan­el) to adjust the OS the­me of KDE. Chang­ing the font col­or there should influ­ence how Digikam looks like. That might fix it.

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