GWT Does Not Load Module in Local AppEngine

The issue arose after I renamed the mod­ule file (end­ing with .gwt.xml) to bet­ter rep­re­sent the mod­ule func­tion­al­i­ty. I also updat­ed all rel­e­vant files in the project (search for files con­tain­ing the old name to find them) accord­ing­ly.

Start­ing the appli­ca­tion after that mod­i­fi­ca­tions end­ed up in an error (“[ERROR] Unable to find ‘<old mod­ule name>.gwt.xml’ on your class­path; could be a typo, or may­be you for­got to include a class­path entry for source?”) as the AppEngine tried load­ing the mod­ule by its old name.

Solu­tion: Delete the launch pro­file for the project (by choos­ing “Run As…” -> “Run Con­fig­u­ra­tions…” from the con­text menu).

Obvi­ous­ly the GWT does not check nor update the auto­mat­i­cal­ly gen­er­at­ed launch pro­file thus you need to delete it to force the GWT to cre­ate a new pro­file from scratch tak­ing the project changes into account. You might also adjust the pro­file accord­ing to the changes made, but delet­ing it is the safe and easy way.

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