Change hotkey of Kubuntu’s Quick Launch Tool KRunner

First of all: I love those quick launch tools aka keystroke launchers, they are real time savers — everyone should have one!

[For those without a glue what a keystroke launcher is:] It is THE tool for launching any kind of software or even opening documents. Instead of moving your mouse to you applications menu, click it, search the program, move the mouse there, maybe pick a sub-folder, move mouse again and finally click — unless you accidentally moved a little but to far and the menu close again, completely. 🙁 But it is easy to put an end to this (as described below). Instead of doing all that clicking, you hit a special key combination, by default [Alt] and [Space], this will make a small input box show up, now, you only enter the first letters of the program — e.g. “f” will do after a few uses to start Firefox (the program learned that you use it a lot). It might save only a few seconds each time, but the sum up and, hey, it is very convenient, too!

So here is what you need to do:
Mac OS: It is already built-in — Just hit Alt+Space and type the name of the program you want to start (or files or whatever).
Windows: Get/install Launchy and use it as explained above.
Kubuntu: built-in as well, BUUUT you have to hit Alt+F2 instead.

And there it is, something that kept annoying me about Kubuntu for quite a bit. I was hoping to get used to it but for what reason? Alt+F2 is really not handy compared to Alt+Space.
Finally, based on this old forum post and a few adjustments to fit nowadays Kubuntu, all you need to do is this:

  1. Go to “Settings” -> “Keyboard and mouse”
  2. Select “Global Keyboard Shortcuts”
  3. Pick from the select box “KDE component” at the top “Run Command Interface”
  4. Now, you can access “Run Command” — Change it to whatever you like 🙂

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