How to Make Jquerymenu for Drupal Keep its State on Page Reload

While setting up the website for my new project “Glocal”, I came across the problem of finding a proper menu module. Something easy to use, stable and efficient in the same time for the complex intranet structure (therefore, sorry, but you will not be able to see my solution there unless you are a project member). Something with a high usability in the end. Activemenu is still quite buggy and DHTML Menue requires a double click to actually open a page — unbearable in a non-doulbe-click environment like the Internet — who is supposed to guess, that this menu requires a double click?? Leaving me with JQuerymenu.

First impression: perfect! Open and close branches by clicking (+) or (-) — view page by clicking menu item label. Even the few styling issues could be fixed easily by using CSS. But as soon, as someone clicks a label, the menu collapses to its default status. It does not remember its last status after loading a different page with the same menu.

Is this it? All module have critical downsides like this? I was quite disappointed! 🙁

But I taught JQuerymenu to remember!

As it is quite some code, I will not post it here directly, but added it to the tracker page for this “feature request” or you can download the two updated files (jquerymenu.js and jquerymenu.module) here and replace the once in your /sites/all/modules/jquerymenu folder.

But please be careful, it should be considered an alpha version, there are quite some weaknesses (see tracker page). Any feedback or suggestions are very welcome!

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