fixing flex VideoDisplay CuePointManager

I was cre­at­ing a Flex appli­ca­tion to show slides and a pre­sen­ta­tion video of pre­vi­ous­ly record­ed pre­sen­ta­tions. Accord­ing­ly, each slide should appear at a cer­tain point of time in the video — calls for cue points!

As all slides and there appear­ance are stored in a text file in my case, I start­ed adding cue points with Action­Script. But as soon as the video can be con­trolled with a slid­er, allow­ing to shift for- and back­wards, the event han­dler “cue­Point” was not trig­gered any more. Thus, the slides where not changed cor­rect­ly as the user jumps ahead, as the cue points between the pre­vi­ous and the new posi­tion did not cause and cue point event.

Final­ly I wrote AdvCue­Point­Man­ager, inher­it­ing from Cue­Point­Man­ager, but which can deal with jump­ing back- and for­ward.

Copy it to “<your source folder>/net/svenbuschbeck/flex/video” and use it as fol­lows:

<mx:VideoDisplay cuePointManagerClass="" />

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  1. Ty for shar­ing your code, i have already imple­ment­ed the same algo­rithm for a sim­i­lar pur­pose, adding cue­Points to spark videodis­play, what i want to ask you is how do you get sure the last “use­ful” cue­Point get dis­patched cor­rect­ly? do you insert a sort of “dum­my cue­point” near the end of the video?
    For dum­my cue­point i mean a cue­point with­out any synch oper­a­tion linked to it.

    1. Unfor­tu­natel­ly, the post is two years old and as the app was cod­ed with­in a work­ing con­tract, I do not have the code at hand any more.
      A dum­my cue-point does not seem to be a bad idea. Besides that, I guess it might also be pos­si­ble to trig­ger the cue point man­u­al­ly from with­in the code in case it’s the last one.

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