fixing flex VideoDisplay CuePointManager

I was creating a Flex application to show slides and a presentation video of previously recorded presentations. Accordingly, each slide should appear at a certain point of time in the video – calls for cue points!

As all slides and there appearance are stored in a text file in my case, I started adding cue points with ActionScript. But as soon as the video can be controlled with a slider, allowing to shift for- and backwards, the event handler “cuePoint” was not triggered any more. Thus, the slides where not changed correctly as the user jumps ahead, as the cue points between the previous and the new position did not cause and cue point event.

Finally I wrote AdvCuePointManager, inheriting from CuePointManager, but which can deal with jumping back- and forward.

Copy it to “<your source folder>/net/svenbuschbeck/flex/video” and use it as follows:

<mx:VideoDisplay cuePointManagerClass="" />