break even…

It is done so far. Portfolio, résumé and this blog has been filled up with a lot of stuff I did within the last years concerning my fields of interest. After all, it was quite an interesting journey, also because I almost forgot some nice projects of mine.

I hope I could arouse interest in the things I like to do or even provide inspirations. If you have any thoughts or ideas to share, please drop me a line! I am looking forward to hearing from you!


The flickr Services API is quite amazing. So I made a little application called flickTrick using phpFlickr.
tI is capable of producing either image mosaics on the basis of public photos of a given flickr account, or it it can generate a collage as the one you can see in the header part of this page, by simply adding follow CSS to it.

background-image: url(/flickTrick/collage.php?username=sven%20buschbeck&width=500&height=200&size=square&shuffle=true&maximum=24&alpha=40);

— edit 2009/03/15 —
As creating a collage can take several seconds, I implemented a caching version. It firstly returns the last image stored for the given parameters and then creates a new image. This version can be accessed by using “fast-collage.php” instead of “collage.php”.

» try it (alpha version) »

androids are taking over!

Seeing those new touch enabled smartphones with this new Android platform, it seems to be a complete operation system based on a Linux kernel, with real multi-tasking capabilities, an OpenGL library, and an SDK allowing to code in Java (as you can see in the video below.) Makes me curious! Google announced to release Android to the public this summer. I’m really looking forward to what the people will do with it, but I will not wait that long to try the SDK which is provided with doc already. 🙂

You will find a lot of demonstration videos out there. I really enjoyed a small detail, done on Android only so far: having a context menu by performing a long click. That’s something truly useful and a nice idea!

— Edit 2013: Unfortunately, as we know now, Android does not sport a complete linux kernel, nor is it really open source and far from free software. Read this great article to get the big/real picture.