Aquaris – three teams, two payers each, custom-built game controller

Aquaris is a game dedicated to teach and inform about renewable energy technologies and energy-saving measures to children of the fourth grade. Aquaris was intended to be set up in a small museum,owned by an electricity producing company. Private guided tours about the topic mentioned before where offered for whole fourth grade classes at once.
For those reasons, three requirements were defined:


  • easy to learn game flow, due to minimal complexity of gameplay
  • easy to use, custom made controller
  • a whole class of up to 30 children can play within one hour
  • children learn in a playful way as knowledge pays off in our game
  • to cope with minor reading problems, mostly audio is used instead of text

advantages of the controller built at a glance

click here to see a 3D animation (3mb) of the placement and function of the controllers
click to see a 3D animation about placement and function of the controllers
  • form follows function: the cursor on the screen follows one to one the controller handle
  • no button functions need to be learned, all interactions necessary to play the game can be performed moving the handle
  • each controller device is placed accordingly to its cursor on the screen
  • very precise
  • only needs to be calibrated once at setup time
  • no influences of environment

Or click here to see a low quality (1mb) 3D animation version.

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